A New Mascot for our Native Wildflowers

A New Mascot for our Native Wildflowers

Check out the latest addition to the True Harvest Seeds family here to lead the way in native wildflower conservation! Our mascot is the creation of local artist Francis Morgan, who very kindly custom designed it for us. It shows the power living in every seed and the beautiful flowers they grow into. Francis Morgan is an imaginative force that designs and builds massive scale, animated sculptures, puppets and “living” environments across Ireland. He has designed unimaginable, otherworldly inventions and contraptions for all manner of events. He more recently designed a range of giant puppets for Wake The Giant Festival in Warrenpoint. If you’d like to see more of his amazing work you can find it here. The signature colours of Francis’ work in a fun and loveable plant friend have made for such a great result!

Flower Friends

Francis Morgan took on the mascot with enthusiasm, ensuring they would be a bold voice for True Harvest Seeds. So, after discussions and brainstorming sessions, the mascot was brought to life! Our work involves conserving seed of common, threatened and endangered native wildflower species and the mascot represents the hope in every seed we save. The fluorescent seed, full of life, bursts into vibrant leaves and blooms with wildflowers at the top. More than just an lovable character, our new mascot carries a powerful message about the importance of wildflowers. They will spread word about the vital role wildflowers play in making biodiverse landscapes and providing habitats for wildlife. Our native wildflowers are essential to the well-being of our ecosystems as well as the health of our planet and they must be protected!

Join The Movement

We invite everyone to join the movement and become advocates for native wildflower preservation. By learning more about the importance of native plant species and spreading awareness, we can all contribute to the conservation of these wonders of nature. If you’d like to have our mascot at your event, please contact fundraising@trueharvestseeds.org for more information.

Keeping It Local

The collaboration between True Harvest Seeds and Francis Morgan showcases the power of local collaboration. As our mascot accompanies us on our journey, it will undoubtedly inspire others to appreciate the vital work we do. We are absolutely delighted, a big thanks to Francis for making it possible, the results are incredible. Come and meet our new mascot at upcoming events. Follow us on social media, or sign up to our newsletter for more mascot mischief, we’re very excited for you to meet them!

Don’t forget, our mascot is available for parades, school and conservation events. A brilliant and fun way to educate the public and pupils about native wildflowers and seed conservation. Contact fundraising@trueharvestseeds.org for more information.

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