Ballynature Day 2020

Ballynature Day 2020

True Harvest Seeds, volunteers Ciera and Debbie at Ballynature Day 2020.
Ballynature Day, Ballynure

True Harvest Seeds were here

Here’s our stand at Ballynature Day 2020 with the lovely volunteers, Ciera and Debbie. Mark was there helping too behind the camera.
True Harvest Seeds were very happy to be able to offer 35 different species of individual seed packets for sale. If you missed us you can still buy seeds either at the office in Kilclief or on the online shop at It is our absolute pleasure to be able to provide seed of native-Irish-origin, so no-one needs to import our species from over-seas, thus ensuring the integrity of our plant genetics.
There’s so many wonderful things about Ballynature Day – meeting the other exhibitors, Pauline from NIEA who so kindly gave us some All Ireland Pollinator leaflets, Suzie from Ulster Beekeeping Association, who’s offered to help True Harvest Seeds get Taster Days started up at Kilclief Seed Centre by providing a template and friends, Ethel from Jubilee Farm, Valerie from BSBI and Margaret, Hilary and Matthew from Belfast Naturalists Field Club.
We all know and love our leader Darren, who somehow finds a cheerful and kind word for everyone, thank you Darren for organising and running Ballynature Day 2020 for us!

All growing up

This was True Harvest Seeds’ 4th year and it was incredible to think that some of our young seed sowers who took advantage of our pots, seeds and compost for kids (i suspect we won the messiest stand again this year), were only babes in arms when it all started. The kids had the choice of taking home poppies, wild carrot and/or wild pansies, they were all popular, but poppies won the day. Remember to prick out the babies when they’re big enough, give them their own space (bit like getting our own bedroom when you get older), then set them free outside in a nice patch of warm, weeded earth and remember to water them in.
And of course a huge hello to everyone we didn’t get around to seeing this time. See you all next year.

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