Collecting and Using Pollinator Friendly Wildflower Seed

Collecting and Using Pollinator Friendly Wildflower Seed

Where to Begin

This free guide from All Ireland Pollinator Plan and True Harvest Seeds is all you need to get out collecting seed. It includes tips on how to find a population of wildflowers and which ones pollinators love. A table of 12 pollinator-friendly wildflowers makes it easy to collect and plant locally! These wildflowers not only nourish bees but also support butterflies and other insects. Learn a quick and easy method to assess the readiness of the seeds in your population of wildflowers so you don’t miss a seed collection.

Preparation and Collecting

It includes all the preparations you’ll need to make before going out to collect. This will save you time and, all being well, result in a good collection. It outlines a basic practices based on ENSCONET Protocols that will protect wild populations and prevent over-picking. It will guide on how to make collections that are diverse and healthy and what to use to collect.

Processing your Seeds

Once you have collected your seeds, the next stages are critical in keeping them healthy for sowing. This includes how to dry, clean and store your seed so that it stays viable. Last but not least, we have a short guide on how and when to sow your wildflower seeds. This will give your seeds the best chance of growing into beautiful blooms that will feed bees, butterflies and birds. By introducing these species into your garden it will increase native wildflower numbers and help support native wildlife.

Dive Deeper

If you’d like to read more in-depth about making wild seed collections you can read Debbie’s blog post which outlines understanding land ownership, land designation and protected spaces, Schedule 8 of the Wildlife Order NI and protected plant species, collecting protocols and ethical practice.

Submit Your Findings

Out hunting for wildflowers or collecting seeds? Submit your findings at The National Biodiversity Data Centre. The National Biodiversity Data Centre that collects and manages data to document and track wildlife. Or find out what biodiversity has already been recorded in your local area.

Stay tuned for more exciting news and join the movement to conserve our native wildflowers for generations to come! Together, we can make a real difference.

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