Conserving The Endangered Hypochaeris Glabra

Conserving The Endangered Hypochaeris Glabra

Hypochaeris glabra, Smooth Cat’s Ear, is an endangered native wildflower in Ireland. It occurs only on the North Coast of the island in small populations. It is on the Schedule 8 Plant List, Wildlife and Natural Environment Act (Northern-Ireland) 2011, placing it under government protection. This legislation is one means of protecting wild populations and True Harvest Seeds is playing a key role in conservation efforts. Through making scientific seed collections and banking their seed, we are safeguarding these plants. These stored collections are a secure a resource of seed available for future projects.

An important part of research involves a risk assessment of the plant habitat. This helps us to pose reasons as to why it has reached endangered status. Understanding pressures the plant populations are facing, we can tackle problems and help the plants re-establish in the wild. With much work still to do, we will continue to make collections and store seed throughout 2023. You can read the full story and more stories like it by becoming a member today.

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