Gardening for the Future

Gardening for the Future

We were recently interviewed by David Maxwell on the renowned radio show, Gardener’s Corner. It was great to discuss our passion for native wildflowers and ignite a love for seed conservation for gardeners worldwide. We discussed why we produce native-origin seed, our process of seed production, and threw in a top tip for seed saving! We shared exciting news about our seed bank and our hopes to build a purpose built seed bank. If we are granted permission, it will be an invaluable resource for preserving native plant species for future generations. Don’t worry if you missed the live broadcast; you can catch the interview on BBC Radio Ulster’s website linked below.

Growing Community

Here at True Harvest Seeds, we offer a space to those who want to protect and help the planet in a practical way, hosting volunteers during the week. However, this doesn’t just happen on site, with our growing community planting native wildflowers, we are all injecting a massive boost of attention towards our native species. This is great for the environment both for plant biodiversity as well as providing habitats for our native wildlife. We all play a role in creating sustainable change and our collective small actions have a significant impact on preserving ecosystems and combatting climate change. By choosing native plants and adopting environmentally friendly gardening practices, we can contribute to a more ecologically vibrant world.

Catch the Interview

If you missed the live broadcast, don’t worry! You can still catch our interview on BBC Radio Ulster’s Gardener’s Corner. The interview will be available on their website until 1st July 2023. We encourage you to tune in and learn more about our journey and hear some tips on seed saving.

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