Give the Gift of Nature: Christmas Memberships for Native Wildflowers

Give the Gift of Nature: Christmas Memberships for Native Wildflowers

This Christmas, spread the joy of nature by gifting your loved one a membership that celebrates the festive season and contributes to the preservation of native wildflowers. Our membership offers a unique experience for plant enthusiasts and a community dedicated to the conservation of native wildflowers on the island of Ireland.

Why choose our Christmas Membership?

  1. Wrapped with Love: Enjoy complimentary gift wrapping This Black Friday Weekend – the perfect Christmas present for the nature lover in your life.
  2. Simple Sending: Send your gift directly to its recipient. Simply put in the recipient’s delivery address and we’ll ship it for you!
  3. Choose your seeds: Select a packet from one of our wildflower mixes, a native wildflower species, organic vegetable, herb or non-native flowers.
  4. Conservation Updates: Members receive regular updates on our conservation efforts, both locally and globally. Stay informed about the impact your support is making.
  5. Seed Packets for a Sustainable Future: The flowers that grow from native wildflower seeds contribute to the health of our planet. Select a membership option that includes a packet of seeds suited to your location.*
  6. Exclusive Gift Pack: Membership includes a curated gift pack featuring a packet of native wildflower seeds*. Our latest quarterly newsletter, Native Wildflower Spotter’s Guide. An enamel pin badge, bamboo plant marker, £3 voucher for our online shop, and access to our Members Photography Competition.
  7. Support Conservation Efforts: Memberships directly supports our initiatives. It allows us to continue our vital work with native wildflowers and the ecosystems they sustain.

Christmas Sorted!

Make this Christmas special by giving a gift that makes a meaningful difference. Cultivate a love for nature that will blossom for years to come. Select “This is a gift” during checkout, and we’ll wrap it beautifully with a gift card. Your generous donation makes it all possible—join us in saving our flora and nurturing a greener future.

Postage Information

  • Select “This is a gift” and we’ll wrap it and include a gift card as shown.
  • Receive Yourself: Gift Card will be blank. Add the same Billing and Shipping Address.
  • Send Directly: Gift Card will be made out “To”: Shipping Name and “From”: Billing Name. Add the your Billing Address and the recipients Shipping Address
  • Add a note: If you’d like us to add anything extra on the gift tag put it in the Order Notes

* Native wildflower seeds cannot be shipped overseas, instead we offer organic vegetable, herb or non-native flowers.

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