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Do you love your Planet?

If you feel inspired to be central to the fundraising for the county’s first dedicated native plant resource centre: True Harvest Seeds – Native Irish Seed Vault, please read on.

Fundraising Person/Trustee

True Harvest Seeds is a registered charity working to preserve the native plants of the island of Ireland. Our primary aim is the continuing population and ongoing maintenance of our native seed bank. Surrounding projects include education and training, receiving volunteers, growing native plants and seeds for sale on our registered organic site at Kilclief, Co Down.

We have, as of 5th May submitted a new application to the Planning Department. The plans are for a dedicated Seed Centre Building, a plant resource for the island of Ireland’s native flora. Central to the purpose and design is the Native Irish Seed Vault, large enough to house a collection of every species from every distinct region of the island.

The building is being designed to be a passive structure, with solar panels, heat reclaimation air pumps, rain and grey water collection. It is also designed to blend in, in its AONB surroundings.

A compact but highly functional building, directly attached to the farming activities of growing native perennial crops for wild flower seeds, True Harvest Seeds also grows local plants for conservation projects, so imports can become a spectre from the past, keeping knowledge and jobs at home, which also eliminates the risk of importing disease.

To build the building and surrounding landscaping, we are raising an initial £200,000.

Key Activities:

  • Talk to us; current staff, trustees and associates and collate current fundraising activities. Get to know what we’re about.
  • Get to know our current fundraising activities in detail.
  • Continue to develop the overall fundraising plan.
  • Create robust lines of communication.
  • Research and talk to each team member, what their needs are and plans that will need funded.
  • Find out the needs of each of the charitiy’s objectives.
  • Create clear concese fundraising messages through team meetings and getting involved in our activities.
  • Prepare and present fundraising initatives to the team.
  • Make the applications as agreed in our meetings together.
  • Agree clearly, the responsibilities and expectations from each member of the team for each fundraising activity.
  • Manage the funding streams.
  • Keep accurate and timely records.
  • Perform the job in accordance with the company’s policies and procedures, especially with the Equal Opportunities and Harassment Policy.


  • Dedication and commitment.
  • A discerning and wise person.
  • Previous financial/business background.
  • Kindness and ability to work with others.
  • A real concern for the plight of our planet.
  • An understanding of conservation and biodiversity.
  • The ability to inspire philanthropy and generosity.
  • Good communication skills.

Pay: Voluntary position.

Contract: Not necessarily, but if you would like to arrange one it will give the charity stability. The opportunity exists for the right person to be elected onto the board as a Trustee.

Posted: 8th May 2023.

Contact: Debbie Gillies on

Registered charity number NI100201.

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