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Pots and plugs

We would ask that when you visit the site that you maintain a distance of 2m. We will be able to serve you outside for plants and seeds, this will be easiest done on days when the weather is pleasant :). We hope that soon we will have dry space outdoors and a separate shop entrance. Thank you for your patience.

We have individual plants in pots and plugs: 9cm individual pots, trays of 6 large plugs or trays of 84 small plugs.
Planting out plugs into prepared ground, gives you the best start where plants can establish quickly.

If you have a specific requirement we can contract grow for you. We can grow the plants to plug size for you with either:
a) a seed collection from your property or
b) our own stock seed.
Email with queries.

If you want to grow for yourself, but don’t know how, we can deliver a training course for your group. Currently suspended.