Organic Broad Bean: Ratio

Organic Broad Bean: Ratio


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Organic Broad Bean, Ratio. Vicia faba.

Ratio is a new variety. It has a shorter habit, around 100cm high but is multi-branching leading to a high yield.

How to grow:
Under protection sow between January and February in deep pots and keep a cool place and plant outside after frosts.
Sow direct outside from end February to end of March in a sheltered place. Mulch with well rotted manure/compost, feed well.
Pinch out the top growth after about 4 sets of flowers have grown, this allows the plant to concentrate on the beans below instead of leaves above.

Problem solving:
Stake taller plants. If they’re in a windy position give them some shelter.
Black fly like broad beans and spread disease, so spray with a environmentally friendly solution (a weak solution of Ecover washing up liquid), or you can rub them off between your fingers.

Favourite ways to eat them:
Delicious if you pick them young and eat them raw still in the pods like sugar snap peas. Use them in your favourite recipes. If you have a lot try broad bean humus, so good 🙂
Beans can be frozen for use later.

Cultural history:
An ancient crop, one of the oldest we cultivated. It’s exact origin is up for debate but it seems it was around the fertile crescent/north Egypt area. We’ve heard an interesting story, thank you Conor, that in Co Tyrone broad beans are particularly popular because a land owner gave out broad beans to his tenants during the famine.

Avg contents:  35 seeds.

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