Organic Herb Mint: Peppermint.

Organic Herb Mint: Peppermint.


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The most widely used mint today with its excellent flavour and dark green leaves.

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Organic Herb Mint: Peppermint. Mentha piperita.

Beautiful lush dark green leaves on long stems growing up in large clumps. A naturally occuring hybrid where both parents occur – watermint and spearmint. The most widespread mint used today.

How to grow:
Sow seeds under cover – to keep them moist at all times, from March on. Plant up in clumps into pots, plant out into position when large enough. Does well in a moist shady position.

Problem solving:
Trouble free mostly but just keep an eye out for rust. Plants spread readily on runners, many people grow it in pots to limit its growth, keep in a water tray as it doesn’t like to dry out.

Favourite ways to eat them:
Mint is the essential ingredient with cucumber in Cacik. Or chop up and sprinkle on baby potatoes and peas. Or make a nice mint tea. Or mint sauce, finely chopped mint a little hot water and sugar, add vinegar to taste. So many uses from flavouring toothpaste to icecream and medicinally in small doses to relieve heartburn or nerve pain.

Cultural history:
Indeginous to Europe and the middle East, it is widely spread worldwide.

Avg contents:  600 seeds.

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