Save Our Seeds Petition

Save Our Seeds Petition

Save Our Seed Bank: Help Preserve True Harvest Seeds

True Harvest Seeds, a vital Seed Bank Conservation Charity based at Debbie’s Farm (Farm number: 660732) on 36 Ardglass Road, is in jeopardy.

Since September 2016, we’ve been operating sustainably on this 3.73-acre site, growing, processing, and distributing over 200 types of seeds and plant materials. Our facility is not only essential for our operations but it serves as the home of the most comprehensive collection of indigenous Irish flora in the world, with over 350 high-quality seed collections of 290 species, many of which are endangered.

Our farm and seed processing center is critical for maintaining native biodiversity and ensuring food security through the cultivation of heritage vegetable seeds and organic excellence. We enhance the local area by providing employment to 4 staff members, 5 trustees, and 8 regular volunteers, and contribute to biodiversity and education. Our educational programs, in collaboration with SERC, benefit students and various groups, and we are set to begin groundbreaking research on the DNA of indigenous Irish wildflowers in September 2024.

The facility we need is designed with sustainability in mind, featuring a “passive house” build that supports local wildlife such as bats, swifts, and swallows. Despite its crucial role, our continued operation is threatened.

So we need YOU!

We urgently need your support to secure planning permission for a replacement farm building, crucial for our ongoing operations and the preservation of our invaluable seed collections. By signing this petition, you are helping to ensure that True Harvest Seeds can continue its mission to protect and preserve native Irish plant species, contribute to biodiversity, and support food security for future generations.

Help us safeguard this unique and essential conservation effort.
Sign the petition today to keep True Harvest Seeds thriving!

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