True Harvest Seeds

Seed Centre

The central hub of our seed conservation

Located in Kilclief, Co Down the seed centre is open to the public during normal working hours.

We are sorry to announce that due to the corona virus True Harvest Seeds has taken the decision to close the Seed Centre to visitors and volunteers. We will reopen when advised safe to do so and will post a message here and on twitter and facebook.
The online shop is still open and we are fulfilling orders using gloves. We’re all well and we hope you are too.
Best of wishes, Debbie, CEO and all the team.

Multipurpose polytunnel:

  • Ambient dry collections and row crops.
  • Thresh plant material.
  • Sow seed trays.
  • Raise young plants.
Many uses of the polytunnel

Seed processing room

Here is where we:

  • Fine clean the seed.
  • Dry the seed to 15% eRH.
  • Catalogue the collections.
  • Store the seed at -20C.
  • Store the herbarium specimens and DNA samples.

In the field:

  • Here we grow our wild flowers.
  • Parent seed collected from native origin populations.
  • We sell this seed in small seed packets, giving ordinary folk access to native plants of native origin and making True Harvest Seeds sustainable.
  • This field is alive with pollinators of every kind all year.
Row crops in field