True Harvest Seeds

Seed Centre

The central hub of our seed conservation

Located at 36 Ardglass Road, Kilclief, Co Down BT30 7NS, the seed centre is open to the public during normal working hours.

If your group would like to book a tour please follow this link. A tour of our working environmental charity, the only one in the country specifically working to save native Irish flora (at time of writing) is designed to give you enough information and insight to be able to do the same yourself.
The more people we have on the island caring for and saving our flora, the better.
We are self sufficient, relying solely on our own income streams to cover core costs, making us more resilient in these times of governmental upheaval.
We rely on funding grants for conservation projects

Multipurpose polytunnel:

  • Ambient dry collections and row crops.
  • Thresh plant material.
  • Sow seed trays.
  • Raise young plants.
Many uses of the polytunnel

Seed processing room

Here is where we:

  • Fine clean the seed.
  • Dry the seed to 15% eRH.
  • Catalogue the collections.
  • Store the seed at -20C.
  • Store the herbarium specimens and DNA samples.

In the field:

  • Here we grow our wild flowers.
  • Parent seed collected from native origin populations.
  • We sell this seed in small seed packets, giving ordinary folk access to native plants of native origin and making True Harvest Seeds sustainable.
  • This field is alive with pollinators of every kind all year.
Row crops in field

Proposed New Build

3D rendering

This is a 3D image of the current plans in the MNDDC planning department. For comments visit: and enter the number:

A purpose built facility, dedicated to the preservation of our native Irish flora.

The building will be well insulated, air source heat pump, solar panels.

For wildlife, swift bricks, swallow shelters, bug hotels planned so far and we are open to suggestions at this stage of planning. Email if you have a workable idea.

Floor plans

Purposefully and specifically designed for seed handling. Comprising a
large ground floor with a small upper level.

Two main work flows travel around the building:
1. One for seed conservation and
2. One for seed production, processing and dispatch to customers.
A third flow inside the building is for staff and volunteer comfort.

Work flow 1.
Wild collected seed comes through the office for initial cataloguing.
Goes through the threshing and cleaning rooms, the initial drying room at 45% relative humidity.
Into the 15% relative humidity dry room.
Finally catalogued fully and accessioned into the long term seed vault at -20C.

Work flow 2.
Crop collected seed from our field and is catalogued.
Coming on through the harvest delivery route and goes through the threshing and cleaning rooms.
Goes into the initial drying room at 45% relative humidity where it can be packaged.
Stored at 4C in cold room.
Out for delivery via office and dispatch.

Outdoor facilities/areas include:
Parking, polytunnels, working garage, picnic tables, conservation raised beds, botanical gardens and field crops.
We continue to plant native trees to surround the area for tree seeds, wildlife, soil restoration, wind cover and general asthetics.


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