True Harvest Seeds


Training courses are available to groups, please contact to discuss what you would like your training day to focus on.

Your training can take place at our Kilclief Seed Centre, or we can come to you. Going to you is most effective when you have some kind of training room and a growing space, like a polytunnel or a garden with benches and also seeds to find and collect. Wild flower seeds can be gathered from about May to October (sometimes longer!).

We are really keen to listen to what you want to learn and develop a day that will give you maximum value for money.

Course 1:

Seed conservation techniques.

We will give a potted story (excuse the pun) of seed science in the classroom in the morning (weather dependent), this gives a really good foundation of knowledge on how to treat your seed, so that they will last a long time in hibernation, ready to grow strong. We’ll also cover surrounding aspects of permissions, regulations, health and safety.

In the afternoon we will head out and do some actual seed collecting. You’ll see what seed is ripe and how to tell, best practice methods and post harvest handling techniques.

Course 2:

Sowing and growing seed for seed, potting and bringing on.

So you got the seed packet (or collected them yourself), but how do you make sure you get them to emerge and ultimately become mature established plants.

We look at what you want to achieve, from a country garden to a wild meadow, it all starts with the seeds. We’ll think about habitat, soil and what’s already in your area – wild life and insects.

Just like course 1, we’ll start in the morning with theory and after lunch head out into the garden to see what we can sow.

We want you to get the most out of your day so we’ll discuss beforehand what your group is most interested in. We can swap the morning and afternoon sessions if the weather’s awkward.

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