Send Your Love in Seeds!

Send Your Love in Seeds!

Love Made Simple

It’s Valentine’s! Time to tell your loved one how much they mean to you! If they love to garden, why not send it in seeds?! Our seed sets are a thoughtful and personal way to send your love this season. Picture a charming bundle of five carefully selected seed packets arriving at their door in perfect time for the growing season ahead. Are they a foodie who loves herbs? A gardener who tends to vegetables? Or the nature enthusiast who lives among the bees and butterflies? Our Seed Sets offer a delightful choice for every green thumb and gardening enthusiast. Wrapped in rustic twine and adorned with a heartfelt love note, a seed set is an everlasting expression of your love!

A Gift That Grows

Make it easy for your loved one and send their favourite seeds this year. It’s the perfect time of year to make plans and prepare for the growing season ahead! Furthermore, our organic*, open pollinated seeds can be saved and replanted the following season, making it a gift that lasts. Choose your seed set to suit your loved one’s preferences. Enrich their vegetable patch with a Veggie Lover Seed Set. Elevate their culinary creations with a Herb Lover Seed Set. Transform their garden for nature with a Wildflower Lover Seed Set.

* We have always used organic principles when producing our wildflower seeds, However, we completed our organic certification with Soil Association in April of 2022 so some of our native wildflowers are still in conversion.

What’s In A Set?

Each seed set has 5 individual packets of popular seed varieties, wrapped in reusable, rustic twine, completed with a love note. You can head to our shop to see what’s in each one. Want to stay a secret admirer? We can send your gift directly to the recipient!

How Do I Order?

  1. Visit Our Shop and explore our seed sets.
  2. Select Your Seed Set by choosing from our curated selection of vegetable, herb, or wildflower seed sets.
  3. Make It Memorable and include a custom message in the order notes at checkout.
  4. Send it secretly or give it openly – see Postage Information below for further details.

This Valentine’s Day, opt for a gift that grows! A seed sets is a lasting token of affection which blooms every year. Sow the seeds of love this Valentine’s Day, and watch your affection grow into a garden of memories.

Postage Information

  • Select “This is a gift” and we’ll include a gift card as shown.
  • Receive Yourself: Gift Card will be blank. Add the same Billing and Shipping Address.
  • Send Directly: Gift Card will be made out “To”: Shipping Name and “From”: Billing Name. Add the your Billing Address and the recipients Shipping Address
  • Add a note: If you’d to add a note on the tag, put it in the Order Notes

Stay tuned for more exciting news and join the movement to conserve our native wildflowers for generations to come! Together, we can make a difference.

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