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Welcome to True Harvest Seeds online shop

True Harvest Seeds sell native-Irish-origin wild flower seeds and seed mixes as well as organic vegetable, herb and non-native flower seeds. We grow all of our own wild flower species and will be getting them all onto the website soon. Further we will be adding more wildflower seed mixes for different habitats.

We’ll be fully registered organic from 5th May 2022. We’ve used organic principles since the beginning, but we wanted to register and demonstrate if we can do it everyone can. Survival of our planet and ourselves, rests with working in harmony.

Our wild flower, vegetable and herb seeds are from open pollinated plants. When you take care of them the seed they produce will be viable. You are free to collect and use this seed. You need never buy them again. Thanks for browsing the shop.

We apologise to our customers for extended delivery times. This is due to Royal Mail strikes. If you need an order quickly please let us know on and we will work out a faster way. Thank you for your patience.

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