Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung

Working in the polytunnel and in the field
Working in the polytunnel and in the field

Seed Production

Here we are at the Seed Centre at Kilclief, hard at work on a warmish March day. Two warmish women are sowing wild flower seeds in trays in the polytunnel out of the weather. One not so warm Mark is on the tractor getting the field ready for the plants that will be coming out of the polytunnel. Please don’t fret, he was wearing his boiler suit, so it’s just his ears got a little chilly.
We rely on volunteers – without the three beautiful people in this picture it would be physically impossible to produce seed for our customers.

Using seed of native origin is something everyone loves. So we have produced a range of small seed packets specifically for gardeners and community projects and you can buy them in our shop. We will soon be adding the credit card function giving you have the option to pay by card.

Buying seeds from True Harvest Seeds helps not only our conservation work, but also the birds and insects that rely on them, not to mention the plants themselves, so you are directly helping save the indigenous “island of Ireland” wild native plants.

Seed Banking

Every packet of seeds you buy brings THS staff closer to heading outside on seed hunting expeditions and saving another native species into the seed bank.

True Harvest Seeds is a public seed bank.

Any bona fide individual or organisaton in need of seed or plant material or data can apply to us for material for restoration or research. Just for the cost of helping us to help you.

All the flowers of tomorrow are held in the seeds of today.

Please note:
1. The seeds we use to grow our field plants which go on to produce the seeds for sale are directly from the kind donations of land owners here and are pre-designated for commercial purposes.
2. The seeds that go into the seed bank are also from our kind landowners but are collected separately for conservation purposes.
While this division drives up our costs, the distinction between the two is desirable for clarity both within and outside True Harvest Seeds.

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