Tag: <span>Seeds for sale</span>

Tag: Seeds for sale

Give the Gift of Nature: Christmas Memberships for Native Wildflowers

Send the gift of nature to your loved one this Christmas. Filled with joy, our gift pack is perfect for the plant enthusiast in your life. In celebration of Black Friday, we’re delighted to provide complimentary gift wrapping complete with an exclusive True Harvest Seeds Gift Tag. Plus, you have the option to have it shipped directly to the lucky recipient.

Native seed production

Volunteers have been keeping field crops alive and weeded. The drought over the spring hit hard and both plug planting and seed sowing had to stop. Thankfully the rain has come back and coinciding well, more volunteers have been able to start emerging and now recently we stood outside in …

Ballynature Day 2020

True Harvest Seeds were here Here’s our stand at Ballynature Day 2020 with the lovely volunteers, Ciera and Debbie. Mark was there helping too behind the camera. True Harvest Seeds were very happy to be able to offer 35 different species of individual seed packets for sale. If you missed …